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School Culture

Our Mission

Our mission at Marcus Whitman is to provide our students with structure, instruction, support and a safe environment to ensure high levels of learning to prepare them for college and careers in the 21st century.


Students and staff...

  • Help other feel included
  • Be involved
  • Value and respect others
  • Build positive relationships


Students and staff...

  • Advocate for yourself
  • Never give up, persist
  • Use available resources


Students and staff...

  • Treat others as I wish to be treated (Green and Golden Rule)
  • Follow through on words and actions
  • Take ownership of learning


Students and staff...

  • Make MWMS free of bullying, intimidation, and harassment in the hallways and classrooms
  • Follow posted hallway, classroom, and MWMS expectations
  • Demonstrate respect for property
  • Help and support others



Students and staff...

  • Strive for personal and academic success
  • Set smart goals
  • Solve problems & self-manage


Social Emotional Learning

Character Strong's goal is to teach students the importance of strengthening one's own character in order to improve relationships, increase academic achievement and overall improve the climate and culture of their schools.