Advanced 8th grade ELA

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 March 16th - April 20th
 Please work on these suggested activities to keep your
reading and writing skills sharp.

Top Ideas to Keep Your ELA/SS Mind Engaged 

  1. Keep a daily journal, detailing what you do every day.Be sure to write at least five sentences.Be sure to include details.
  2. Read a Book and for each chapter write a summary.Or create a story map.Illustrate several scenes in the story you feel are important to the plot.
  3. Pick an interesting photo on Snapchat/Instagram and create a fictional story about what is in the photo.
  4. Create some type of presentation to share with your teacher about one of the following topics:
    1. 7th Grade: Pick a topic about Washington State History that interests you and do some research.
    2. 8th Grade: Pick a United States President.
  5. Interview a family member about their life.What was their childhood like?Where did they live?What adventures have they experienced?Did they grow up in Washington?How has Washington changed over the years?
  6. Watch a TV show or Movie
    1. Then create a plot diagram for the story.
    2. Write an alternate ending.
    3. Analyze a character in the movie, how did they drive the storyline?
    4. If you changed a character, how would the story change?
  7. Pick a book to read with your parents or siblings.Discuss the different story elements you can identify.
  8. Go on a walk and find inspiration to write a poem and create an illustration to go with it.
  9. Pick a school appropriate song and analyze what it means.
  10. Keep a journal of how this event of the COVID-19 is impacting you and your family, your local community, state, nation, the world.
    1. How is it making you feel?
    2. How is this affecting your families?
    3. How has it and is it impacting your local community, your state, the nation, and the world? Think of economics, health, interaction with others, people’s reactions/responses…
    4. Read about the situation and summarize any article. 
    5. Create a booklet of any article you can print out or cut out.  THIS IS HISTORY IN THE MAKING and will be in your children’s history books.
  11. Read, Read, Read!Magazines, Newspapers, Books, etc.
Here are the packets sent home on Friday 3/13 with students.
7th Grade Packet.pdf
8th Grade Packet.pdf
8th Grade Science Packet.pdf

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