College Bound Scholarship

    7th and 8th Graders Register NOW for College Bound Scholarships!  
    (Pssssssst -- this doesn't mean JUST college!  Training programs, technical schools, community colleges, are included in this scholarship)

    Washington State has made a promise with 7th and 8th graders who are willing to make a commitment to their education and want to better secure their ability to have post High School education costs supported; when fulfilling a promise, they can have much of their education costs eliminated.

    This actually means ANY post high school training can be paid for by this scholarship!

    7th and 8th graders----- If you qualify for free or reduced lunches, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, come on in and register for the College Bound Scholarship Program. You will be so glad you did!

    What if I qualify, but I don't want to go to college? The program can help you pay for any type of approved training program whether it be technical school, community college, training programs, or college/university. The counseling office and the CB website has this list of schools and programs.

    How do I qualify for this Program?
    Basically if you qualify for free or reduced lunch, you qualify to apply for this program.  

    After graduation, how do I qualify for the Scholarship?
    You need to maintain a 2.0 upon graduation (note: the higher the better to get to college), graduate from high school, and stay out of legal trouble.

    What will I receive?
    You will get college, or other post high school training, paid for by the State of Washington. Beginning as soon as you sign up in the 7th or 8th grades, you will receive a lot of extra guidance regarding your future and the opportunities available to you when you promise yourself to "do school" and finish it. For example, 9th graders last year have already had their PSATs paid for by the State if they are in the program by June in 8th grade.

    I am an 8th Grader. What is my deadline to sign up for this Program?
    If you are an 8th grader, this is also your last chance to register by June 30st of 2019Seventh graders have this year and next year to register.

    How do I actually sign up for the program?

    Go to the Guidance Office and register 

    Is signing up worth my time?  
    Absolutely.  When signing up at school, it took six students an average of ten minutes to complete the applications, print them, then they just needed to get the paper signed by a parent, and send it --- from home, or bring it back to school, and we will send it.

    YOU WILL BE SO GLAD YOU TOOK THE TEN MINUTES for YOUR FUTURE of opportunities and earning. Do the math --- if you spent ten minutes completing the application that pays for an $800 Nurses' Assistant course, and that course leads you to a NA job --- how much are you able to earn in a year for that ten minutes of time first spent?

    Furthermore ----- if you spent ten minutes completing the application, and you get $100,000 in college paid for --- AND that college helps you earn $25,000 more every year of your working life than you would have if you didn't get a college much did you earn in that TEN minutes????

    Don't be afraid to share your dreams with your parents, teachers, counselors and other adults in your life. They may be there to support you and encourage during times that are challenging.

    Where may I get more information, or sign up online?

    Phone: (888) 535-0747 option 1

    You are welcome to call your counselor, Mr. Fogel or Ms. Waters, for information too.
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