Behavioral Expectations, Rules and Policies

We have adopted 3 main categories for our rules at Marcus Whitman Middle School:
Each of the following behavioral expectations fits within one of these three main categories outlined above:

Procedures for Policy #3330
Rules that establish types of misconduct pursuant to this section must have a real and substantial relationship to the welfare of students and the lawful maintenance and operation of the school district including, but not limited to those enumerated below:
  • Disobedience to reasonable instructions of school authorities
  • Immoral conduct
  • Vulgarity or profanity
  • Use or possession of tobacco
  • Use or possession of alcoholic beverages, drugs, narcotics, controlled substances, or substances represented as mind altering or behavior altering substances not prescribed by a physician. 
  • Destruction or defacing of school property
  • Extortion or intimidation of another student or a staff member Sexual harassment of another student or staff member
  • Demonstration of a gang membership or affiliation / activities
    Assault of another student or staff member
  • Theft
  • Possession or use of any dangerous weapon or object, and
  • The commission of any criminal act as defined by law.

The district shall incorporate these statements of misconduct into their written rules and make the rules available to parents and students each year. Each school may add other rules regarding student conduct which are appropriate to the age of the students, grade level, program and physical facilities of the school.

In addition, we have added the following rules that specifically address:

1. Dress Code:

We want our students to understand the importance of education, to take it seriously, and to be prepared for their eventual transition from school to the work place. To help establish a proper learning atmosphere and prepare students for eventual careers, we expect students to come to school in clothing that would be acceptable in the workplace, "to dress for success." While we realize there is no absolute workplace standard, we nevertheless believe a general standard is possible. Students are expected to use good judgment in dressing appropriately for school. Clothing which interferes with, or distracts from the personal educational process, or depicts something illegal or lewd is not acceptable.

We believe the following types of clothing would NOT be appropriate in most work settings and therefore should not be worn to school:

  • Sagging or over sized pants. Students must have the waistband of the pants above the hips and secured with a belt of some form around their waist.
  • Pajamas, soft soled slippers, or excessively torn and ripped clothing.
  • Tank tops. 
  • Crop tops, or other midriff shirts that show, on males or females, torso skin, skin below armpits, or exposed chest. 
  • Shirts with inappropriate messages will not be allowed. Clothing promoting alcohol, tobacco and other
  • Drugs or comments of a sexual nature will not be allowed. Also, shorts or skirts that are more than 6 inches above the knee will not be allowed. 
  • Hats, hoods or head coverings. Sunglasses or eye coverings, other than those prescribed for vision needs. 
  • Chains, collars (leather, chain or metal), including jewelry that promotes drugs, alcohol or sex. 
  • Attire clearly identifiable with gang activity will not be allowed.
Administrators reserve the right to deem attire inappropriate to preserve the health, safety, and welfare of the school environment. Students will be asked to change their clothing or will be sent home. Failure to comply will result in further discipline.

Dress Code Violations
  • 1st offense will result in a referral/warning
  • 2nd offense will result in a referral and consequence
  • 3rd offense and beyond will result in additional referrals with progressive consequences

2. Electronic Devices:

Personal Electronic devices may be used under the direct supervision of a teacher in a classroom if both the student and the teacher can articulate how it directly relates to learning.

Personal Electronic devices would not be allowed in the following capacities, under the new proposal:

  • No pictures (for personal student use)
  • No videos (for personal student use)
  • No music (for personal student use)
  • No texting
  • No calling
  • No use at lunch
  • No use in the hallways/bathrooms, etc.
  • No internet/web posting of any picture, video, or other product created by the use of personal electronics
Electronics Violations
  • 1st Offense will result in a referral/warning - student may pick device up at the end of the day
  • 2nd Offense will result in a referral and a parent/adult on Emergency card will have to pick-up the device
  • 3rd Offense and beyond will result in additional referrals,an adult on Emergency card will have to pick-up the item as well as progressive consequences
3. Food/Drinks in Hall:
Food or drink is to be consumed in the commons area. Open food and drink in the hallways will be confiscated. No food and drink is allowed in classrooms unless prearranged and supervised by staff.

4. Skateboards:
The use of skateboards is prohibited on school property!

5. Guests:
Students enrolled in other schools are not allowed on campus during regular school hours. No guests are allowed at dances.

6. Unauthorized/Restricted areas for Students:
During the school day, students are to be outside only in the areas designated for student use, and as the weather permits. While at lunch, students wishing to be outside are to only be in the authorized areas in front of the building. Students are not to be in back of the building or by the portables during their lunch. Students are also not to be in the lower locker area or the other "off limits" areas during their lunch.

7. Identification of Personal Property:
Students are encouraged to label their personal property. This will enable the school to better assist in the retrieval of lost or stolen property. The school is not responsible for personal items.

8. Lunch/Room/Commons Behavior Expectations:
The cafeteria is located in the Commons. Students are expected to help keep the Commons clean at all times. This means they are to pick up leftover food and trays and dispose of them in garbage cans throughout the Commons. Those who abuse the Commons privileges may be assigned to lunch clean up. All students are to remain on campus during lunch. Breakfast and three lunches are served each day (except half lunches).

9. Inappropriate Physical Contact:
Inappropriate displays of affection are not allowed.

10. Fighting, Threatening and Intimidating:
We have a zero tolerance for students who are fighting. Students will be disciplined if they are involved in any type of altercation. Fighting is defined as any inappropriate physical or verbal confrontation wit another person. Students who have been fighting will be removed immediately from school. Students who encourage fighting and/or who remain spectators at a fight are viewed as a dangerous influence at school and may face similar consequences.

Further discussions on student conduct, consequences, etc. can be found in your student's planner.
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