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    December Newsletter-Flu and Handwashing Awareness

    The month of December has both National Handwashing Awareness Week and National Influenza Vaccination Week. Those two subjects go hand-in-hand (pun intended!)

    Flu season generally runs from late fall to early spring. The influenza virus causes a serious respiratory infection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends some simple steps to reduce your family’s likeliness of getting the flu virus this season:

      Get the flu vaccine, when available. Avoid close contact with those who are sick. If you or your child is sick, stay home to reduce the spread of germs. Remind your child to cover his or her mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and to use a tissue or an elbow crook. Wash hands frequently. December 4th-10th is National Hand-washing Awareness Week-celebrate with clean hands! See a doctor right away if you suspect you or your child may be sick with the flu. There may be medications that you or your child could take to make the illness less severe

    *Handwashing tips

    Handwashing is an essential part of health maintenance. Clean hands reduce the spread of infection-causing germs.

    Teaching good technique is important, because properly washed hands take a little skill. Some tricks you can use to improve your child’s handwashing practices are:

      Explain why hand-washing matters. They are more likely to wash if they understand why they are doing it. Encourage your child to wash their hands for at least 30 seconds. Teach them to sing the ABCs or the Happy Birthday Song in their head while they wash as a way to time themselves. Use soap and warm water. Antibacterial soap is not necessary. Hand sanitizers can be a good way to get hands clean when you’re not near a sink, but it should not be a substitute for good hand-washing. Get your child a step or stool if they are unable to comfortably reach the soap and water

    November Newsletter-Cold Season

    Posted by Valerie Grahn at 10/28/2016

    November Newsletter-Cold Season

    Now that cold season is upon us, it is a great time for the simple reminders that will keep us all healthy: good handwashing (wash for 20 seconds, before and after eating and after using the bathroom), cough hygiene (coughing into the sleeve/elbow of your arm or tissue and washing hands after), and not sharing food or drink (this is great illness and allergy prevention).

    Students are already showing signs and symptoms of illness. Please remind them if they feel ill and must take medication to come to school, this is a good time to check that temperature before any treatment. Please keep your student home if:

      They have a fever greater than 100.4F (without medication) Any vomiting or diarrhea, with or without fever, cough, or congestion and fever of 100.4

    If your student needs to stay home for any of the above reasons please keep them home until fever free without medication and/or vomit free for 24 hours.

    October Newsletter-Sleep Information

    Posted by Megan Gallant at 10/1/2016

    Sleep: A Key to Good Health

    Did you know that adequate sleep is as important to good health as diet and exercise? In fact, sleeping less than your body needs can affect your memory, behavior, and overall health (both mental and physical). Poor sleep is also associated with increased rates of injuries, obesity, and high blood pressure! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children ages 6-12 get 9-12 hours of sleep per night, and that children ages 13-18 get 8-10 hours of sleep per night.

    Having a tough time getting to sleep? Try these tips:

    -No screen time (phones, TVs, computers) for at least 30 minutes prior to bed time

    -Keep your room cool and dark -If you are feeling stressed, try doing something calming before bed time (reading or listening to quiet music, for example)

    -Limit drinks that have caffeine and sugar (coffees and sodas)

    -Get active for 30-60 minutes a day

    If you want more information about sleep, please visit the American Academy of Pediatrics at

    September Newsletter-Back To School Reminders

    Posted by Megan Gallant at 9/1/2016

     Here are a few important Back-to-School reminders:

      All students are required to have an updated immunization record on file in order to stay in school. Please update immunization records to reflect any immunizations your student received over the summer months. If you receive a letter home saying that your student has incomplete immunizations, please call the office.Allergy, asthma, and cold season will soon be upon us! Monitor all symptoms closely and follow your health care provider’s advice. Medical care plans, rescue inhalers, and Epi pens are a necessity, and may save a life! If your student has a health condition or needs special care during the school day such as medication, treatments, or monitoring, please inform the school nurse. Individual health care plans help keep your students safe and healthy.PLEASE provide a current and working phone number to the school office-this helps us contact you in the event your child needs your attention.

    Feel free to call me if you need assistance with any of the above.

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