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School Supplies

A box of basic school supplies is provided to each student for the 22-23 school year.  It consists of:  Binder, Dividers, college rule paper, spiral notebooks, graph paper notebooks, composition notebooks, zipper pouch for the eraser, pencils, pens, highlighters, pencil sharpeners, sharpie and finally a headphone set.

During the 'before school' supply sales,  you may want to purchase some of these basics for when your student has used up the supplies they receive at the start of school.

Math and science classes may have specific items that will be need and student would get that information from the individual teacher.  There may be a time mid year when students will need to replace paper and notebooks as they are used up.  We have some school supplies donated from various businesses and individuals so if funds are not available to purchase student can check with the counseling office for school supplies.

Students are responsible for the chrome book, textbooks and library books checked out to them. Please stress responsibility with your child and help us reinforce good habits in terms of care and use of books. In accordance with district policy, students will be held financially responsible for lost or damages books.